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Gerontological Society of America - Annual Scientific Meeting - Nov 18 to 22, 2015 
Welcome to the Psychosocial & Cognitive Aging Group of Jacqui Smith Minimize

Our research deals with the potential and limits of development and change in cognitive functioning, self-regulation, interpersonal relationships, and well-being in midlife and old age.

Why is this important? First, because this is relatively unchartered territory. Compared to the first 30 years of life, developmental scientists know little about normative trajectories of psychological change in later life. A second reason is that many people can now expect to live a long life. Over the last 100 years, average life expectancy has increased in developed countries by almost 30 years.

We use cross-sectional and longitudinal data from multidisciplinary studies and experimental research to investigate such questions as:  

  • How do older adults maintain their vitality and sense of well-being?
  • Why are some individuals more vital for more years than others?
  • How do older couples affect each others aging, health, and well-being? 
  • Does the quality of social and interpersonal interactions change later in life?
  • Does how you feel about your age and aging matter?
  • What skills improve with age and life-long experience?
  • How are cognitive and psychosocial characteristics related to health?
  • Does early life development prepare individuals for the health and social challenges of a long life?