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Q: May I apply to a specific program in the Center?

A: No, but you can express your interest in a specific program.


Q: How can I get information about faculty members whom I might contact about the research that they are conducting?

A: Please visit our web site at http://www.src.isr.umich.edu


Q: Is the summer program limited to specific majors?

A: No, all majors are eligible to apply.


Q: What are the start and end dates for the program?

A: Late May - early August. Click here for exact dates.


Q: Is housing provided by the Summer Internship Program?

A: Interns are responsible for obtaining their own housing. Information is available through the University Student housing office at http://www.housing.umich.edu


Q: Is this a paid internship?

A: The SRC Summer Internship Program is a 10 week, 20 - 40 hour per week paid position for undergraduate (completion of sophomore year or greater) and graduate students with an interest in social science research.


Q: Who will determine summer coursework eligibility and selection?

A: Coursework is determined by the staff of the Summer Institute based on the classes available, their cost and your academic/professional background.

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Q: When is the deadline for receipt of applications?

A: The application deadline is early February. Click here for exact dates.


Q: How can I verify that my online application has been received?p>

A: You will receive an email stating that your application has been received.


Q: Can I submit a paper application?

A: Yes, paper applications should be mailed to the attention of George Myers, Ph.D., Survey Research Center Director’s Office, room 1310, 426 Thompson Street, ISR Building, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48106-1248.


Q: Can my references submit their letters by email or regular mail?

A: Both are acceptable. If letter is submitted by email, it must come directly from the recommender to George Myers at gmyers@umich.edu.


Q: How can I update my application or check if my reference letters have been received?

A: After you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email indicating that your application is complete or a list of items that are outstanding. You will receive no other notification after this initial confirmation email. Please note that you will be responsible for verifying that all your materials including reference letters and official transcript have been submitted.


Q: Can I update my application from last year?

A: No. You will need to reapply and submit new reference letters.


Q: Who should write my letters of recommendation?

A: Letters of recommendation should be written by individuals in the academic and business communities who have knowledge of your academic and professional accomplishments, motivation, and skills. This can include previous employers, college professors, and other professional individuals


Q: Can I submit more than the required two letters of reference?

A: No.


Q: Do I need to submit an official transcript?

A: Yes, unofficial transcript copies are unacceptable.

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Q: Should I list all the courses and grades that I have completed or only my relevant courses?

A: Only list relevant coursework related to the internship such as courses in research, statistics, data analysis, sociology, health, economics, etc.


Q: If I am graduating from college this year and will not continue my education, can I still apply?

A: Yes, any full time graduate or undergraduate student at the time of application in good academic standing with a University/College is eligible for this program.


Q: Is there a minimum GPA to participate in this program?

A: A 3.0 minimum GPA is required.


Q: Are foreign students eligible to apply to this program?

A: Yes, you must be legally eligible to work in the United States and provide verification of employment eligibility.

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Q: What is expected from Interns?

A: All interns are expected to have satisfactory work performance, participate in a research symposium, and attend seminars and classes on a regular basis.


Selection Process Minimize

Q: How are selections made?

A: A committee of faculty and staff will review all applications and make selections based on the student's background and interests, and the needs of the sponsor.


Q: When will I hear if I am selected?

A: All offers will be made in early April and the deadline for acceptance will be two weeks after the offer is extended.


Q: How many students are selected for the program?

A: The program usually accepts 5-7 students per year.


Q: How are interns assigned to sponsoring programs?

A: Assignments are based on the sponsor’s needs, and the interest, experience, qualifications, and skill set of the student.


Q: Will I have to interview with sponsors prior to being awarded the internship?

A: This is optional. The sponsor could request to interview potential interns.

Compensation Minimize

Q: Who determines pay?

A: Our human resources department will determine hourly pay rates based on the applicant’s professional experience, qualifications, skill set, and student status. Interns will be paid on a bi-monthly schedule.


Q: What is the pay rate?

A: Undergraduate level interns will be paid up to $12 per hour. Graduate level interns with statistical software experience (SAS, SPSS) or prior paid survey research experience can earn up to the standard rate for graduate student research assistants ($19 - $22 per hour).


Q: Is tuition for summer coursework included in the internship award?

A: Tuition for all summer coursework available through the SRC Summer Institute will be included in the total award.


Q: Is the coursework taken over the summer for academic credit and will I receive a formal grade?

A: You are only eligible to take courses as a Summer Scholar. Summer Scholars are eligible to attend courses at the Summer Institute but will not receive academic credit or a formal grade for their participation. Furthermore, you will be expected to fully participate in the course. A certificate of attendance will be issued upon successful completion of coursework.


Q: Does the internship include paid holidays, vacations, or sick time?

A: This internship does not include compensation for medical benefits, vacation, sick days, holidays, or credited service.


Still have a question? Contact the Program Coordinator at:
George Myers III, Ph.D