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Housing in Ann Arbor is in high demand. Youwill need to plan in advance for your housing needs.

SRC Summer Internship Program participants areresponsible for securing their own housing. Many participants reside inUniversity operated facilities, while others obtain housing through privatelyowned apartments and cooperatives. It is strongly recommended thatparticipants arrange for housing prior to their arrival in Ann Arbor.

Several events in Ann Arbor during the summergreatly restrict the availability of short-term housing during June and July.July is especially busy due to the Ann Arbor Art Fairs. Participants may beable to find housing by checking both University Housing and Non-UniversityHousing as listed below.


University Housing


Oxford Housing—Oxford Housing is located in the beautiful,historic Hill area of campus, between Geddes and Hill, on Oxford Road. Oxfordis also very close to the 123-acre Nichols Arboretum, offering the followingamenities: private bathrooms, linen packets, front desk services,refrigerators, and smoke free rooms.

All Oxford Housing must be prepaid at the timea reservation is made. We do not have cash operations at the Oxford CommunityCenter. We are sorry, but we are unable to make exceptions to this policy. Youranticipated cooperation is appreciated.


Single Occupancy:                            $40.80/night
Double Occupancy:                         $53/night

There is a one-time administrative fee of $3.75per guest.


Cambridge House—541 Thompson, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1360. (734) 764-5297, fax(734) 764-1557. Located only one block from the Central Campus. Residence hallstyle rooms have a private bathroom, and are air-cooled. Entire building issmoke free. Attached to the Michigan Union for convenience to shopping andfood. Linen packets are provided that contain top and bottom sheets, pillowcase, bath towel, and wash cloth. Pillows and a light blanket are alsoprovided.


2010 Rates:
Single:   $50.00 per person, plus $3.75admIn. fee (one time only)
Double:                $64.00 per room,plus $3.75 admin. fee per person (one time only)


Make your reservations early for UniversityHousing; space is limited. Inquiries regarding rates and availability may bemade via email, fax, or phone. Confirmed reservations can be made by web andphone only.  


Conference Management Services
University of Michigan
627 Oxford Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2634
Telephone: 734-763-6584
Fax: 734-764-1557
Email:                                    cms.services@umich.edu
Website:                             www.housing.umich.edu/

Non-University Housing


Summer Sublets—If you plan to be in Ann Arbor for an extended stay (fourweeks or more) you may prefer to look for a summer sublet. These areparticularly recommended if you plan to bring children or pets with you. The Off-Campus Housing Office provides a list ofrooms, apartments and houses that may be available during June and July. TheUniversity also has information about various short-term housing options.


Inter-Cooperative Council(ICC) at the University of Michigan—ICCStudent Cooperative Housing, in which 8 to 70 people live together sharingexpenses and chores, provides a good alternative to apartment or single-roomrental for Summer Institute participants. Cooperative housing, or a co-op, isoperated by the people who live in them, requiring three to five hours of workper week from each member. Some houses have meal plans while in others membersbuy food and cook individually. All houses have fully-equipped kitchens.Members' jobs range from cooking dinner, to dishwashing and housekeeping, tokeeping the house books, or performing basic maintenance.

Co-ops offer a comfortable, friendlyatmosphere. Most houses are within a 10- to 15-minute walk from the Institutefor Social Research. The individual houses vary quite a bit in quality andatmosphere; thus, it is best to inspect the accommodations before making acommitment. At the very least, make it clear what your needs and expectationsare. During the summer, many of the co-ops are populated by people who are nottaking classes. Their schedules and lifestyles, therefore, may differ greatlyfrom yours. Please be explicit that you are with the ISR Summer Institute andstate the dates you will be in Ann Arbor. House approval is not required forcontracts for a double room. Contracts for any contract dates other than thoselisted on the ICC website require house approval.

For more information on co-ops, contact:

Inter-Cooperative Council
337 E. William St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Attn: David Carter, Director of Membership Services
Telephone: 734-662-4414, ext. 102
Fax: 734-662-5870
Website:                             http://www.icc.coop/


Hotels—There are a limited number of hotels within walkingdistance of campus. Some hotels located off campus provide regulartransportation for their guests to and from campus. You may wish to ask aboutthose options before selecting your hotel.  Accommodations at manynational hotel chains can be reserved through their toll-free numbers. Call thehotels to get current rates. For a list of local hotels, check the Ann Arbor Area Convention & Visitors' Bureau.


Ecumenical Center—The Ecumenical Center and International Residence (ECIR) isa unique living experience for international students and scholars. The missionof the ECIR is to be a reconciling international, interfaith, living/learningcommunity across the lines of religion, ethnicity, and culture. One bedroom,two bedroom and three bedroom apartments are available. Two to four monthleases are available in the spring and summer. Some apartments are airconditioned; all are fully furnished and have a bathroom, kitchen and livingroom. Rent for two bedrooms is $825, three bedrooms is $650 per person and onebedroom apartments cost under $975. For more information e-mail ecir@provide.net, phone 734-662-5529, or visit http://www.ecir.org/.

Chabad House—715 Hill St. Large attractive rooms for the summer, andoption for the fall rental. Price range from $250-$375. Great Location right oncampus, 1 block from Law and Business schools, clean and quiet, furnishedrooms, shared kitchen with a sink, stove, and refrigerator. Laundry washer anddryer. House hooked up to cable TV and Internet high speed bandwidth. Malespreferred. Please call me at 845-399-9904, email argol@comcast.net,or visit www.annarborcampusrental.com/.