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  • The Effects of Incarceration and Probation on Reoffending and Employment
  • Urban Social and Built Environment and the Trajectories of Social Isolation: Findings from Detroit MI CHOICE Population
  • Disclosure and Quality of Answers in Text and Voice Interviews on iPhones
  • Understanding the Achievement Gap: Do Parent Expectations and School Climate Matter?
  • Income Inequality as a Predictor of Self-Rated Health
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  • The Effects of Occupational Characteristics on Employee Well-being
  • The Possibilities and Perils of Subnational Record Linkage: Adding Birth Certificates to PSID
  • Identifying Areas for Further Research Using Data from “Reading First Impact Study”
  • The Joint Elicitation of Risk and Time Preference and Occupational Choice
  • Is Body Mass Index Related to Exercise and Subjective Well-Being?
  • External Stressors in Marriage and Individual Well-Being
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  • Work Ability Among Older Adults in the U.S.
  • Virtual Humans as Survey Interviewers
  • The Michigan Study of Life After Prison
  • Dynamic Treatment Regimes in Economics
  • Assessing the Well-Being of Older Adults: Preliminary Findings from the Well-Being and Time Use Study (WATS)
  • Elective Surgery, Paid & Unpaid Work Amongst Older Adults
  • Mama, Nana, and Friends: The Buffering Effect of Social Relations on the Stress-Depression Relationship in Children
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  • The Michigan Study of Life After Prison
  • Matching & Randomization in A Prisoner Reentry
  • Introducing the Telephone Survey: Verbal Interaction & the Decision to Participate
  • Evaluating Analytic Methods for Pilot Study on Dynamic Goal Setting
  • Exploratory Analysis of Group Differences on Reenlistment Intentions Among US Army & US Air Force Personnel
  • Lifetime Trauma & Later-Life Health: Age Cohort & Trauma Type Effects
  • Daily Stress & Salivary Cortisol: The Role of Age & Neuroticism
  • Teen Fathers: Involvement with Child and Mental Health Outcomes

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  • Factors Related to Role and Emotional Functioning of Air Force Personnel
  • Money Resource Allocation & Child Quality
  • Retirement and Factors Leading to Premature Retirement
  • How We Age: Examining Psychological Profiles in Midlife and Old Age
  • Why Study Chronic Illness Across the Life Span
  • Who Are We Calling?: Examining Demographics of Attrited and On-Time Respondents
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  • Patterns of Risk Aversion in the Health & Retirement Study
  • Military Retention in a Time of War
  • Community Context and Prisoner Reentry
  • Gender Differences in Relationship Quality with Mothers across Adulthood
  • The Economic Causes & Effects of Overweight & Obesity Among U.S. Adults
  • The “Animated Agent” in Ann Arbor: Exploration, Action, and Reflection (The “EAR” Approach)
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  • Air Force Study
  • Tailoring Treatments to Individual Patients
  • Jail Recidivism
  • Health Insurance Trends Among the Near Elderly: 1998-2004
  • Sibling Rivalry After All These Years
  • Family Transitions Following the Birth of a Sibling
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  • The Determinants of Stock Market Participation
  • Type A Personality as a Predictor of Social Relationships and Well-being
  • The Study of religiosity and education using Monitoring the Future Data
  • Ypsilanti Everyday Stress and Health study
  • The Quest for 100% Response Rate
  • Exploratory Multivariate Models
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  • Gender differences in perceptions of close social relationships
  • Confidentiality issues related to the DAS, the use of SAS and census bureau data in the study, and how the incident involving Dr. Ossian Sweet in the 1920’s set a historical context for the beginning of Detroit’s housing/neighborhood segregation problems
  • The future of social security, work conducted at the MRRC, and how information is disseminated through the conference sponsored by the Center each year
  • The difficulties and challenges in establishing and documenting guidelines for Computer Assisted Interviewing Instruments
  • HIV/AIDS and attitudes and preventative behaviors in South Africa
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  • The US Social Security system and the impact of research programs in improving the system
  • Script preparation for interviewers for requesting Summary Plan Descriptions of pension plans
  • Quality of Life Survey in SE Michigan; An analysis of Qualitative Data from the 2001 Detroit Area Study
  • The results of the Ypsilanti Everyday Stress and Health Study (including the process of coding the stories from respondents)
  • Race and Gender effects from the 2001 Pitt County data